Upgraded (V2.2.1) Silent Mainboard With TMC2208 Driver
Sovol Silent Mainboard (V2.2.1) with TMC2208 Driver
Upgraded (V2.2.1) Silent Mainboard
A TMEGA2560 of Silent Mainboard
Sovol Silent Mainboard (V2.2.1) with TMC2208 Driver
Sovol Silent Mainboard (V2.2.1) with TMC2208 Driver
Sovol Silent Mainboard (V2.2.1) with TMC2208 Driver

Sovol Silent Mainboard (V2.2.1) with TMC2208 Driver - China to US / For SV01/SV03

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Upgraded Silent Mainboard

For Sovol SV01, Sovol SV03, Ender 5 plus, CR-10S series, CR-X, CR-20, CR-20 PRO 3D printer. 
Upgraded Version: Compared with the previous board, the upgraded mainboard functions quieter, and has excellent stability, and protection for the 3D Printer.
Driver Settings: Use the TMC2208 driver and the bootloader. Arduino/Cura can modify the firmware using USB.
Thermal Runaway Protection: The mainboard optimizes the circuit can effectively solve the heating problem and provide overheat protection.
Operation Way: The USB interface is suitable for use with E / X / Y / Z-axis motors.
Firmware is pre-installed on this board.

1. This board comes with Ender-5 plus firmware, if you use it for Sovol SV01, or Sovol SV03, you will need to flash the related firmware after installing the silent mainboard, please check this page to download the firmware. Make sure that you didn't do other modification which requires compiling the firmware source code. We don't offer tech support for compiling firmware. 
2. Because the supplier of one small part on the mainboard was changed, in order to recognize, Creality marked that batch as Creality V2.2 by mistake. But if the two sides both are black in color, it is the silent board. If one side is green, that's the normal board. 
Sovol SV01 doesn't come with a silent board, SV01+Silent board doesn't mean the silent board is preinstalled. The silent board is shipped separately.

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