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How to level the bed on Sovol SV01PRO

How to level the bed on Sovol SV01PRO

Turn the four leveling nuts at the four corners counterclockwise to the tightest.
Turn on the printer and then click Leveling on the touchscreen.
Level the four corners by clicking AUX Leveling on the touchscreen.
Click every corner in turn for leveling, the extruder will move to the top of the selected corner.
Insert a piece of A4 paper between the extruder and the hotbed.(other paper with the same thickness as A4 paper is also ok) Keep dragging the paper and turning the leveling nut at the bottom to adjust the distance between the nozzle and the heated bed
All four corners need to be leveled.
It is recommended to repeat the whole process 2 to 3 times above for confirmation. Because when one corner changes, the other three corners will have small changes too.
Click Save on the display after adjustment.
At this time, there is a certain distance between the nozzle and the hot bed.
According to the previous method of paper dragging, click -Z and +Z to move the nozzle up and down to adjust the distance until it is appropriate, and then click Save
After clicking Save, the cr touch will detect again. At this time, the distance between the nozzle and the hot bed is the distance just adjusted.
Click Auto Leveling, the cr touch will perform 4X4 detection on the hot bed.
You can view the data after detection which reflects the level of the hot bed.The smaller the gap between each data, the better. The best status will be that the gap between every two points is no more than 0.2.
During the printing, you can click the position marked on the display screen in this video to enter the adjustment interface, where you can adjust the height of the nozzle by adjusting -Z and +Z in real time.
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