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SO-2 Help Center

The laser keeps stopping during a cut

Do you mean that the machine stops during engraving? The operation is terminated. It could be triggering the gyroscope. After the machine is connected to the computer without opening the software, adjust the gyroscope settings as shown (enter $33=0 at the bottom arrow position, that is, click on the number after and change it to 0)

If you are using the software lasergrbl, after connecting to the machine, enter $33=0 in the location and click enter, as shown in the picture

$33 is to open or close the gyroscope sensitivity command, $33=0 is to close the gyroscope, $33=1 is to open the gyroscope.

$140 is to set the gyro sensitivity. After the machine opens the gyroscope, when the machine jitter or tilt a certain degree, will trigger the gyroscope and then the machine's protection mechanism will automatically stop the machine to prevent laser burns other items, etc.. Machine jitter or tilt degree and gyroscope sensitivity is inversely proportional. The higher the value, the higher the sensitivity, the lower the degree of machine tilt.

We usually recommend to set the sensitivity to $140=8 (if you feel too sensitive, you can change to 16), of course you can also choose to turn off the gyroscope.

ugs change command location as shown in the figure (change the way and the first two software basically the same)

2 Kommentare zu SO-2 Help Center
  • Rohit Jadhav
    Rohit Jadhav

    Sir i want writing machine in india just like sovol so 2 plese inform me about prise and machine speed in A4 size paper

    July 10, 2024
  • eric robinson
    eric robinson

    my z1 pro has stopped working just about 4 months of having it, been trying to get a hold of someone no answer, please help i am a small business and now my main part of my business is not working please help, my machine starts then stops soon after and will not home correctly, as soon as you need them i did take a couple videos.

    June 30, 2024
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