Sovol SV01PRO VS Anycubic Kobra, Direct Drive 3D Printer Buyers Guide

Quick Overview: Sovol SV01PRO VS Anycubic Kobra
Anycubic Kobra is $30 less than Sovol SV01PRO, but after comparasion, except that Anycubic Kobra comes with smaller build volume, it also missed many good features that SV01PRO has, such as dual z lead screws, filament runout sensor, tool kits, change filament function ect. Check out more differences here.

SV01 Pro Direct Drive 3D Printer, best 3d printer in 2022 Anycubic Kobra
3D Printer SV01PRO Anycubic Kobra
Price $329 $299
Build Volume 280*240*300mm 220*220*250mm
Printer Size 520mm* 509mm* 647mm 486*483*486mm
Extruder Metal Direct Drive Extruder Direct Drive Extruder
Screen 4.3 inch Touch Screen 4.3 inch Touch Screen
Screen UI Day/Night Theme, Colorful Classic Anycubic Style UI
Auto Leveling CR Touch 16 points Auto-leveling, Silent& High  Speed Anycubic LeviQ function
25 points Auto-leveling
Mainboard V4.2.2  32bit Silent Board 32 bit Silent Board
Build Plate PC Magnetic Flexible Plate Spring Steel Flexible Plate
Dual Z axis Yes No, Single Z lead screw  and motor
Fillament Run-out Sensor Yes No
Resume printing Yes Yes
Intelligent Filament Change Yes No
Support material pla/tpu/abs/petg/wood/pc/pa/asa pla/tpu/abs/petg/wood
Linear Advance Yes Not Mentioned
Preassembled 98% Preassembled, 4 Steps 96% Preassembled, more screws to install, but easy
Advanced Settings Yes No
Tool Kits Yes No
Compatible laser enagraving Yes No
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