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How it Works

#TeamSeas will be one of the biggest, baddest, most-impactful cleanup projects of all time—and here’s how we’re doing it. Scroll on to see our cutting-edge river Interceptors, info on locally-organized cleanups, ghost-gear removal efforts and professional expeditions to areas where we can have the greatest conservation impact!

beach cleanups

The Big Idea

Lost, abandoned and discarded fishing gear – or ghost gear – is some of the deadliest ocean trash, and super tricky to recover. Luckily the experts with Ocean Conservancy’s Global Ghost Gear Initiative® have been removing ghost gear from waters all around the world for years.


Ocean Conservancy will work with its Global Ghost Gear Initiative® members and partners on the water to identify ghost gear graveyards around the world.



Specially trained experts will grapple or float the gear to the surface, where the gear will be hooked onto boat cranes and lifted out of the ocean. (Yes, it’s a very cool process.)

RECYCLING [if applicable]

TeamSeas will work with local authorities to make sure any labeled, working gear is returned to local fishers. Remaining gear will be recycled– when possible – and the remainder properly disposed of.



The Big Idea

With YOUR HELP, #TeamSeas will work with Ocean Conservancy and its partners to remove millions of pounds of plastic and trash from beaches all around the world. We’ll also send professional crews to clean up some of the most iconic, vulnerable ocean spaces.

Local Collection

Here’s where you can get dirty! Fight side-by-side with #TeamSeas for cleaner coastal communities.


The International Coastal Cleanup Network Mapping

Ocean Conservancy will use the best available science and work with its International Coastal Cleanup local partners around the world to identify places where cleanups will have the greatest impact.


#TeamSeas will partner with volunteers like you to remove millions of pounds of trash from the world’s beaches and weigh the total trash collected at the end of each cleanup.


Recycling [if applicable]

TeamSeas will work with local authorities to make sure collected trash is properly disposed of and, where local facilities exist, we’ll recycle all accepted materials.

seas cleanups

The Big Idea

Rivers are a major source of ocean plastic pollution, with research showing that 1% of rivers account for nearly 80% of pollution flowing from rivers. #TeamSeas will work with The Ocean Cleanup to tackle trash from these rivers with their Interceptor technologies.

The River Interceptor

The Ocean Cleanup has developed technologies for river pollution called Interceptors, which have removed over 2 million pounds to date! One of their key technology solutions, The Interceptor™, is solar-powered and can collect trash autonomously.



Every river is unique, and for that reason, together with local partners, The Ocean Cleanup’s team will first conduct research to determine the most efficient solution to clean that specific river.

Collect Trash

After conducting research and setting up the necessary local partnerships, it’s time to deploy and start intercepting trash!


Empty and Repeat

The collected trash is brought to shore to be properly disposed of by local waste management and then cleanup continues.

Going Forward

Even though the Interceptors aren’t a permanent solution, they are a safety net until waste management on land improves and we’re able to stop plastic from polluting our rivers. The Interceptors deployed with the help of #TeamSeas will keep cleaning even after the campaign comes to a close.


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