SV06 Plus Video Creator Rewards Plan

We invite SV06 Plus users (ordered on to join our SV06 Plus rewards video plan!
We give Every participant $5~ $50 according to the video content, quality, creativity.
-------The video content would be best to contain
*printing progress
*showing printing quality
*print details
*showing the big build volume of SV06 Plus.
--------You can edit video to make it short but complete

--------You can speak in the video, you can add your voice, caption, music, gif ect, these are the option.

--------The video is best to record with 3:4 or 9:16

--------The video length is best to 20s-120s.
There are two cool examples, this one is to show the unboxing part this one is to show the printing progress, print quality, print deals, showing the big build volume of SV06 Plus

How to submit the video?

1. Publish the videos on social media like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook Sovol User Group

2. Send the video link that you published on social media and original video to our email

Mention SV06 Plus Video Rewards Plan in the email subject.
3. Mention your order ID and PayPal account, so that we can send you the money rewards

How to get money rewards?

After we receive your videos, we will evaluate the videos quality and let you know your rewards and send you the payment in 5 working days.

Note:--- If the video quality is awesome, we may use it to create facebook ads, we will credit to your original video link, if you mind this, please don't participate this video rewards plan.

------We will have many beautiful rainbow filaments in the future for testing, the great video creator also has the priority to test.

Everyone only has 1 oppotunity to redeem rewards.

This plan is valid until this page being hided.

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