Sovol SV08 350*350*345mm Core-XY 3D Printer With Camera

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Ship from: US
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Ship from: US
Option: SV08
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1 Year warranty for Printers, 1 months warranty for Accessories.

1. provide 1-year warranty for the printer's orders on (Most of the parts on the printer have a 1-year warranty, and some consumable parts on the printer have 1 months warranty like nozzles, build plate, belt etc.)
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1. The printer wasn't modified. (Including using the parts or firmware from the third party.)

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 ● 1-year Warranty & 14-day Return for 3D Printer 
1 Month Warranty for accessories

Every printer comes with the warranty of 12 months, and we offer 14-day exchange/refund/return guarantee.
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● Technical Support

Sovol Support Team is available via email and live chat.
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Core-XY 40000mm/s^2Max Acceleration700mm/s max print speed

SVO8 utilizes CoreXY kinematics todecrease moving mass and enhancemotion control, consequently boostingmaximum acceleration and toolheaomovement speed.

4*Independent Z Motors

The entire gantry system can be smoothly leveled using 4 independent Z motors. This process, known as Quad-Gantry-Leveling (QGL), enhances printer accuracy, reducing the likelihood of print failures. It can also detect and compensate for wear or damage.

Refine Details With Klipper

SV08 adopts the Klipper firmware to elevate printing speed and accuracy to the next-generation standards. This firmware not only enhances processing speed significantly but also enables users to minimize vibration patterns using "input Shaping", ensuring flawless prints from one corner to the other with "Pressure Advance", and helping reduce temperature fluctuations in the nozzle and heat bed through "PID Tuning," etc.

X4 print volume

With a generous printing volume of 350x350x345mm^3, the expansive space ensures that creation needs to be caged. This freedom allows for the full expression of creativity, unbounded by the limitationsof smaller printing volumes.

All-axes Linear Rails

SVO8 utilizes linear rails for all 7 axes (4Z+2Y+1X) to improve precision and resistance to axial movement deformation.The provision of smooth and precise linear motion is crucial for producing high-quality prints. These rails guide the printer's print head and build platform, ensuring accurate positioning and consistent, smooth movement throughout the printing process.

Open-Source OrcaSlicer Slicing

OrcaSlicer offers arc fitting, variable line width, and spiral ascent. It also includes intelligent cooling, overhang speed reduction, and segmented retraction. The software optimizes nozzle paths for faster printing and features a user-friendly, categorized interface with clear content for easy operation. As an open-source slicer, it supports configurations for various printer brands.

Fully Open-source

From the beginning of research and development, we decided to make SVO8 completely open-source. This decision was made not only to pay tribute to Voron and Klipper but also to allow SV08 to become a project that the community can tinker with, rather than a cold, unmodifiable chunk of metal.

1 Hour Hassle-free Assembling

A framed FDM printer designed for DIY enthusiasts, simplifies the installation process of the printer and enclosure set(optional) from dozens of hours to just 1 hour, making it accessible for beginners to start with ease.

Built-in Camera

SVO8 is equipped with a camera that allows monitoring of the printing process in real time. Additionally, it enables the capturing of time-lapse footage, which is the ability to closely observe and document the printing process, offering convenience and insight into the printing experience.

Ceramic Heating BlockAC Power Heated Bed

Our high-performance 3D printer heats up rapidly, reaching 300°C quickly and 220°C in 40 seconds. Using ceramic heating block & AC heated bed reduce heating time by 70%, allowing near-instant printing and easy preheating for nozzle cleaning and leveling. Enjoy precise, high-quality prints with versatile material compatibility.

Remote Control

Simply connect SV08 to your LAN using WiFi or an Ethernet port enables convenient interaction with your printers and grants access to a range of features.

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