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Sovol Upgrades Creativity with New, Faster and Bigger SV07 Plus

Sovol Upgrades Creativity with New, Faster and Bigger SV07 Plus

As one of the top 3D printing manufacturers, Sovol is going from strength to strength and is proud to unveil the SV07 Plus shortly after releasing the SV07. Compared with other 3D printers with the Klipper system on the market, it’s not only a scaled-up version of the SV07, but also has undergone a lot of tweaks and upgrades to stimulate everyone's DIY fun and creativity!

Sovol SV07 Plus live stream

Now let us reveal more about the features of Sovol SV07 Plus.

Stable and Speedy Is What Seals Ideal Performance

The dual Z-axis T-shaped lead screw design of SV07 Plus reduces Z wobbling and ensures structural stability, making the printing Z-axis move more smoothly and stably, and improves the printing precision. The SV07 Plus combines the user-friendly runout sensor, belt tensioner, built-in tool drawer, neat cable management, double-sided PEI plate, and cool LED lights on the extruder, truly unlocking many of the great features that everyone would expect to see on the printer.

Sovol SV07 Plus

The Sovol SV07 Plus has a bigger volume of 300x300x350 mm, much larger than the 220x220x250 mm the SV07 has. On the one hand, you are able to print massive things, on the other hand, you are able to store this printer in the home, and the main components will not take up much space.

Sovol SV07 Plus

On the basis of stability, the SV07 Plus prints just as fast as the SV07 with equally great quality, offering a maximum printing speed of 500mm/s and a default acceleration of 12,000. It allows you to print more and bigger things, as well as saving you significant time.


Thoughtful and Practical Features Reflect User-Friendliness

The SV07 Plus is equipped with a Stm32 silent mainboard with TMC2209 driver, which makes the printing process quiet and accurate. What's more, it boasts G34 Auto Z Align, hassle-free bed leveling saving time and effort. The all-metal high-flow hotend (Flow up to 30mm/s, unlock stronger materials) and dual gear planetary direct drive extruder are the icing on the cake of this printer. The combination of these parts allows the machine to melt and push out filament faster, ease of printing flexible material.

Full Open Source Klipper Features, Unlimited Room for Experienced Makers (8 bytes EMMC)

Sovol has partnered with Klipper to run the complete open source Klipper firmware. You have full access to Klipper and the ability to tweak the config file and add mods to your heart’s content.

Two Ways to Connect and Print---U disk/WIFI

The SV07 Plus has a USB flash driver and built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to use the Fluidd interface on your computer to remotely upload files. These two print methods bring users a more efficient experience and ensure worry-free and easy operation.
Sovol SV07 Plus

Meanwell 600W Power Supply, Safety and Stability Great Protection

The SV07 Plus uses a 600W Meanwell-branded power supply, it is very reliable. The main reason is that the SV07 Plus boasts a more powerful power supply than we usually see in this class. More power available for heating typically means faster heating times.

Actually, the SV07 Plus is not just a 3D printer, but also a better mate that simplifies creativity. Whether you're a student, designer, or 3D printing enthusiast, the printer empowers you to bring your ideas to life readily. Whether for fixing household items, designing unique figurines, or prototyping complex components, the SV07 Plus offers a satisfying solution for all creative needs.

The Sovol SV07 Plus will be available for pre-sale at 11:59 am EST on August 29th at an early bird price of $319. The mysterious guest Ben Liu of the SV07 Plus press conference led the growth of the Sovol team and witnessed the launch of the first Sovol 3D Printer in 2018 to the release of the latest SV07 Plus.
Please come to our live broadcast on time and bring your questions. This is a meaningful opportunity to have a direct dialogue with the leaders of the Sovol team! Embrace the new era of effortless 3D printing with the SV07 Plus and witness how creativity meets Klipper touchscreen.

First SV07 Plus Customer Share

From Benjamin Chrysler:
Time to unbox and get this thing running!! Super stoked!
Update: 20m benchy in progress!
Update 2: benchy took 24 minutes
Final update on this post with my initial thoughts: The printer is fast. Well at least to me it is fast, my only comparison is a stock SV06. This is WAY faster. The setup was easy. I did have a couple issues during assembly that I was able to remedy pretty easily. The steps on the packages of screws don't correspond with anything, so go by what is in the package, not the step on the package. After assembly, the bed leveling was straightforward, setting the z-offset was pretty easy, and then I got to printing. All in all, I had it setup and printing within an hour and a half of having it. Then I knocked out a 24 minute benchy that looks as good or better than what I get on my SV06. Currently I am printing an articulated model as a test to see how it does. I can say, it's going at about 250mm/s and it's doing a great job. I'm using filament that my SV06 has had problems with, so fingers crossed that doesn't cause an issue with this printer. All in all, I'm impressed and very happy with the money I spent on this printer!

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