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Sovol SV06 Review

Sovol SV06 Review

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The 3D printing industry is constantly changing, bringing its share of novelties and discoveries each year. Among the multitude of models flooding the market, some manage to stand out from the crowd for their quality, innovation and price. The Sovol SV06, fresh off the production lines of the Chinese manufacturer, is one of those machines that immediately catches the eye. With promises of performance worthy of high-end printers, while maintaining an affordable price, the SV06 has quickly become a subject of curiosity and conversation in the world of 3D printing. In the lines that follow, we will explore each aspect of this printer together, evaluate its features, and determine if it deserves all the attention it receives.

Unpacking and assembly of the Sovol SV06

Upon opening the box, the first impression the SV06 leaves is that of a neat and well-thought-out product. The various elements are meticulously packed, avoiding any risk of damage during transport. Each component is clearly identified, which greatly facilitates the task during assembly. Speaking of assembly, Sovol has made this step as intuitive as possible. Thanks to a detailed and illustrated instruction manual, the assembly is done in a fluid way. The majority of users could assemble the machine in less than 30 minutes, although the time may vary depending on individual experience. We should also note the quality of the parts supplied: from the direct drive extruder to the X-axis carriage, every component exudes sturdiness and promises a long-lasting user experience. Cable installation is simplified by clear marking and specific connectors, making any connection error virtually impossible. Once assembled, the SV06 feels solid, ready to take on the toughest printing challenges.

SV06 chainring adjustment

Calibrating the Sovol SV06 platter is a process that merges both simplicity and precision. With this machine, Sovol has taken care to optimize the user experience by integrating features such as the inductive self-leveling sensor. From the first start, it is essential to follow a two-step procedure. First, the user must launch the automatic alignment of the Z axis, called “Auto-Z align”, which guarantees the parallelity of the carriage and the extruder to the plate while synchronizing the two motors of this axis. Then, you must self-level the platform using the “Level Bed” option. This step is facilitated by the inductive sensor which, while recalling the PINDA probe of the Prusa models, ensures that the plate is perfectly leveled. By finalizing the process by adjusting the Z-offset, the SV06 is then ready for printing. The entire calibration process, well guided by the instructions provided, takes only a few minutes, reflecting Sovol's promise of a printer combining performance and ease of use.

Impression of the Benchy with the Sovol SV06

During my first print with the Sovol SV06, I decided to test with a Benchy, the standard boat often used to evaluate a 3D printer. Right from the start, the SV06 showed its precision and reliability. The Benchy has been printed with no fuss, with a nice finish and well-defined details. The result lived up to my expectations, confirming the qualities of the SV06 from the first impression.

Using Prusa Slicer with the Sovol SV06

Using the Prusa Slicer with the Sovol SV06 proved to be a smooth experience. Although the printer does not yet have an official profile on this platform, given its recent launch, I was able to rely on a similar profile, that of the Creality Ender 3 S1. The similarities between the two printers, notably the direct drive and the printing surface, made this approach viable.

Impressions with the Sovol SV06

As I experimented with the Sovol SV06, I experimented with a variety of models to really gauge the capability of this machine. From an articulated snake, printed in PLA Rainbow, which revealed remarkable finesse in detail, to a vibrant and realistic Deadpool bust, each print showcased the SV06's prowess. I also tested Sunlu's PLA+, resulting in a Pikachu whose fine details were surprisingly sharp. The SV06 didn't settle for the PLA; using PETG I noticed some small residual threads but overall the print was solid. The TPU proved to be an initial challenge, requiring temperature adjustments, but once mastered the result was impressive. Each material showed that the SV06 was not only adaptable.

To conclude on the SV06

After spending some time with the Sovol SV06, it's obvious that this machine is a true achievement in the world of 3D printing at an affordable price. It combines ease of use for novices with the ability to deliver high-quality prints that would satisfy even the most demanding users. The attention to detail, the ability to handle different materials, and the continuous improvements suggested by Sovol show a dedication to excellence. Of course, like any machine, it's not without its little challenges, but most of those seem to have been tackled before its official release. For those looking to get into 3D printing or upgrade their current gear without breaking the bank, the SV06 might just be the perfect choice.

The essentials about Sovol SV06

Sovol presents its SV06, an open-source and modular industrial-grade 3D printer. 

It offers an all-metal direct drive, an all-metal hotend, 25-point self-leveling, a flexible print surface and a quiet motherboard. 

Ideal for everyday use, it guarantees precise extrusion and compatibility with various filaments.



Full Description of Sovol SV06

Sovol's SV06 is a next-generation 3D printer designed to turn everyday printing into a simple and efficient experience. Its modular design, punctuated with vibrant turquoise shades, combines functionality and aesthetics. Its classic I3 architecture minimizes gear wear and regular gear replacement.

The real gem of this machine is its all-metal planetary gear direct drive extruder. Designed by Sovol, it provides a more precise and smooth extrusion thanks to an improved transmission ratio and a lighter motor.

The SV06's all-metal hotend withstands temperatures up to 300°C, making the printer compatible with a host of filaments including TPU, PLA, PETG, ABS, PC, ASA, nylon, carbon fiber and drink. This compatibility expands the range of 3D printing projects you can take on.

The innovation doesn't stop there. The SV06's 25-point auto-leveling system incorporates an inductive sensor to automatically detect irregularities in the heated bed. This ensures perfect leveling of the heated bed for a flawless first coat.

Its flexible PEI-coated printing surface makes it easy to detach printed models while resisting scratches well. To top it off, the SV06 is equipped with a silent 32-bit motherboard with TMC 2209 drivers for stable and quiet operation.

3D printing experts will appreciate the G34 Z Align function and the dual Z axis which allow for increased precision. Plus, in the event of a power outage, the resume printing feature takes over to ensure your work is never lost.

Technical characteristics

  • Print volume (mm): 220 x 220 x 250

  • Extruder type: All-metal planetary gear direct drive

  • Self-leveling: 25 automatic points

  • Max Nozzle Temperature (°C): 300

  • Max Plateau Temperature (°C): Not specified

  • Recommended print speed (mm/s): Not specified

  • Screen type: Not specified

  • Compatible filaments: TPU, PLA, PETG, ABS, PC, ASA, nylon, carbon fiber, wood

  • Nozzle Type: MK8

  • Filament diameter (mm): 1.75



Sovol's SV06 is a powerful and flexible machine that promises an unprecedented 3D printing experience. 

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in 3D printing, you will enjoy its daily use.

With its impressive range of features, it offers exceptional value for money. In terms of price, it is positioned in the mid-range, offering high-quality features for a profitable investment.

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