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3D Printing Topic: Who led you into 3d prtinting, who help you most? Moving Stories in 3D Printing...

3D Printing Topic: Who led you into 3d prtinting, who help you most? Moving Stories in 3D Printing...

In 2021 thanksgiving, Sovol hosted a Giveaway to appreciate people's support and love. As the prizes are limited, we set several simple rules. People can share pictures or video with the hashtag #sovolthanksgiving  to thanks the people who helped them or just want to thanks, when people shared the pictures or video, they entered the giveaway.
From the posts that paticipators posted, we found that many people thanks the people who led them into 3d printing, then we posted a topic "Who led you to 3dprint? Or who help you most in 3dprint?" as well and got many moving stories. Let's look what they did say. 

Stephen Tibor Szakal
In 2017 my mum bought me my first 3d printer and told me to get into this as I enjoy designing and building things and from there she has always supported me! my mum even has an area in her room of her favourite prints and recently laser etched pictures! She has been my influence and inspiration that's kept me going even when I wanted to give it up ❤️
Sovol 3D Printing Topic

Scott Carl

A good friend of mine got a printer and loved it and started making functional parts so about a year after I got one myself and now I have 3 printers lol.

We had the opportunity to take a refurbished Dremel 3D20 home with us. My husband couldn't get it to work at first and he left it for awhile, and while he was sleeping I started working with it, googling, learning. I was able to get it up and running and printing really well, and from then on it was all downhill. 3D printing today is entirely my hobby

Kaydee Gaeta
My husband wanted to take the dive into 3D printing but was very hesitant. I gave him the push he needed and now we are on a 3D printing venture together

Kent Felhauer
Had a friend get a small printer to make parts for our hobby. So I decided to give it a go. Most of the info I got was from and TheEdgeofTech. Tim and Jim and their folks were very helpful. I have a SVO1, SV03, an Ender 5 plus and Ender 3.

Anthony Buix
I started 3D printing in early 2018 after following the advancement of this technology for ten years. I started printing to reduce the cost of specialized parts that I should have paid dearly and use them on a daily basis to combat planned obsolescence in addition to doing business or decorating. When I started, Mike Bosche and helped me a lot and today Davy Berrekla and Mike Dom is always of good advice to always learn more! Thanks Sovol !

Michael Dean Markley
I've gotten more help from May, Heidi, and Sovol3d in the past year. This community has been valuable, just reading through posts can help get you started. Everyone is glad to help, best groups on Facebook!

Adam McManus
A lot of YouTube help frankly built has a ton of good videos. Adam Savage and all of his build videos make me want to make my own stuff and try new things. and so much trial and error.

Steve Hobson
After a life-changing event last year (per my post on the Sovol Official User Group page for this giveaway) that took the support of my wife, kids, grandkids and sisters to get through, I found myself unable to work full-time in my normal business and my daughter suggested partnering with her to create things that she had seen a market for. This pushed me into first getting a laser engraver and I spent months looking at 3D printers wondering if it would be useful. I had never heard of Sovol3d but on the day I was going to order an Ender 3V2 a Sovol advertisement appeared on my Facebook feed, so I decided to check out your products and I'm SO glad I did, because for the same money I was going to spend on an Ender I got my SV02 and can do awesome 2 colour stuff! I've also now started creating things that combine 3D printing, laser engraving and my love of woodwork. It also means I can create cool stuff like this for my family to say thank you for being there for me. I love the helpful Sovol community too and the helpful Sovol staff.

Clint Sturm
I thank Brian Angeloff for encouraging me to get a printer to print his creations/models for him.、
it was my partner Cora Drvl who asked me to tie the masks on during the first part of the epidemic and since then i have met lots of people who have helped me a lot! Erwan RobergeTeddy Grd-Snr Anthony Buix Chloé ChloéRomain OlCw BrYtBenoit Bourdet 

I wanna Thank #Teachingtech his videos are easy to follow and he does an amazing job of explaining each step.

Brian Angeloff
I thank Clint Sturm for inspiring me to created 3d models for him to print and collaborate on some cool ideas for design.

JC Djic
I thank 3Dprinting lithophane maker for allowing me to easily discover the world of 3D printing lithography. I also thank Sovol3d for this giveaway chance.

Matt Ryan Murray
I got into it myself and have taught myself! 😊

Paul Nicholls
I've always wanted a 3d printer after fiddling with a couple 6 years ago. Billy Pauler got me into the Sovol printer game ❤️

Chris Rogers
Frankly Built led me to sovol but curiosity led me to 3D printing in general.

Nick Martz
I wanna give a big thanks to Chris LaScala for getting me into this and even buying me my first printer. Real stand up guy.

Joann Grubb
My 94 year old father saw a program on TV about 3d printers. He bought me one so he could watch it print. He spent hours watching it, totality in awe of things it printed. Unfortunately he passed away only a few months after getting me the printer
-------😭😭 this is a sad story...

3D Printer is not plug and play, it takes time to learn, such as setting, adjustment, slicing, maintance, troubleshooting, it is very lucky if you have someone to help you learn when you are a 3d printer beginner, and you never forget who led you into 3d printing, keep grateful.  We also thanks people who always support sovol and help people in sovol community, thanks a lot! 


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