Founded by a Group of Maker Geeks

Sovol specializes to develop series of maker machines and accessories with quality design, innotive functionality and reasonable prices. 

We are a technology driven team filled with dedicated people looking to develop, upgrade and promote 3D printers with innovating solutions for makers around the world.

Sovol Makes 3D printers and XY Plotters and Upgrades Parts for Maker Machines

Designed by Sovol team, our machines and accessories are produced in bulk by some major manufacturers such as Creality.

By keeping our operation lean and selling online, we're able to offer quality products at a fraction of the price of traditional 3D printer brands.

Also, we can focus more on developing more innovative products, and improving the customer service and user experience which are always our top priority.

Sovol, Making Progress Doubled

Sovol's direct drive 3D printers -- SV01 & SV03 and dual extruder printers -- SV02 are quickly winning over geeks around the world.

We also designed and developed upgraded resin printer parts such as flexible build plate, silicone mat, UV curing station and washing station which are loved by lots of resin printer users worldwide.

However, we will always work on doing better, following our slogan: Sovol, Make Joy Doubled.

Over 80,000 Sovolers around the World

With warehouses located in the US, the EU, the UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China and Russia, tens of thousands of Sovolers around the world using Sovol's machines. Sovolers' community includes: 

* Nice Facebook Sovolers' group helping answer any question or confusion:

* Daily content sharing and fast live chat reply on Facebook page:


Free shipping

US/EU/CA/AU/UK Local Warehouse Delivery in 3-6 days(the specific delivery time is based on the product page)