Affiliate Program

Most of our affiliates endorse us for a main reason-our product quality. We understand that you want to recommend a 3D printer that will not fail your customers, readers or friends.The more you know about our product and company, the better you will be able to convert. Join our affiliate program now!


1. Great Commission

The more customers referred,the higher commissions earn. Most of product are 5% commission based on sale,and we will adjust commission up when necessary.
Commission reaching $50 would be paid in the end of next month. If the commission is less than $50 in current month, it would be collected and paid in the month when it reaches $50.

2. Real Time Tracking

Our cookie time is 30 days at least, your clients will have enough time to make their own decision.
We would active your account when we receive the registeration form, then there would be affiliate link automatically generated. There would be an email sent to you informing you of your login link and you could see data about your referral orders there.
You could login in your affiliate account here:

3. Profession Support

You will get promote banners, feature contents and other marketing materials from Sovol, we have a professional team to assist you for higher performance.
NoticePlease try to share your link as much as possible. With the limited quantity for the affiliate program, we would delete your affiliate account if there was not referral data like visitor or orders in 2 months.
For more questions about the program, general support, or advice on how to succeed as an affiliate, please contact us at

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