Sovol SO-1 Software (64 Bit, old version, support win10 and mac system higher than 10.15)

Sovol SO-2 Software inkscape1.0, supports window7/ window10 systems also works for SO-1 (please see note below.)

About Software

Inkscape SO-1 is the fundamental tool designed for the So-1 pen plotter. It combines the functions of designing, editing and outputting Gcode.

Inkscape SO-1 is developed based on the open-source vector graphics editor Inkscape, which is similar to Adobe Illustrator.

It is recommended to get familiar with this software for better design experience. For more information, please visit the Inkscape website


The export method of Inkscape1.10 is different from that of 0.92. The basic parameters will pop up after setting, directly "save it as", select SO-1 Unicorn G-Code(*.gcode). and set the file name for saving. 

Supporting software

Pronterface:    Gcode sender( Send Gcode to SO-1 from PC)

SquiggleDraw: Transform the brightness of an image into sine waves.

It has plenty of other tools/extensions fulfilled on internet. You can find the proper ones according to your personal demands.

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