Sovol SV03 VS Creality Ender-5 Plus, Large 3D Printer Buyers Guide

Quick Overview: Sovol SV03 VS Ender 5 Plus

Sovol SV03 Ender 5 plus vs Sovol SV03
3D Printer Sovol SV03 Ender 5 Plus
Price $419 $582
Build Volume 350*350*400mm 350*350*400mm
Extruder Direct drive Extruder Bodwen Extruder
Print with TPU(Flexible filament) Easy and good Quality Difficult, upgrade it to dual gear or direct drive helps
Auto Leveling Yes BL Touch Preinstalled Yes BL Touch Preinstalled
Mainboard Creality V2.2.1 Silent Board Creality V2.2 Non-silent Board
Screen Knob Screen 4.3 inch Touch Screen
Dual Z axis Yes Yes
Glass Build Plate Yes Yes
Meanwell Power Supply Yes Yes
Filament Sensor Yes Yes
Resume Printing Yes Yes
Preassembled 95% 60%
Structure Gantry Cube
Printer Size 587*674*840mm 632*666*619mm
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