As many people compare sv05 with ender 5 pro, so here's a quick overview: Sovol SV05 VS Ender 5 PRO

Sovol SV05 and Ender 5 PRO both are cubic style 3d printer (also called as box-shaped 3d printer somewhere) which is more stable than i3 structure 3d printer and allows higher printing speed while getting high quality ptints. The main difference from Sovol SV05 and Ender 5 Pro, one is the direct drive extruder 3d printer (SV05), one is the bowden extruder 3d printer , that means the SV05 can handle with more wide range of materials , like tpu, pla, abs, petg, wood, pc, pa, asa. As Ender 5 pro is the printer released in 2018, on the features point, it may a little bit out of date compared with SV05, SV05 has the CR touch auto leveling, new upgrade hotbed holder, belt tentioner, and filament change function that ender 5 pro doesn't have . Some of those can also be upgraded on ender 5 pro though if you want.

Sovol SV05 3D Printer Cubic Structure Direct Drive Extruder Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer Silent Board Pre-installed
3D Printer SV05 Ender 5 Pro
Price $299 $329
Build Volume 220*220*300mm  220*220*300mm
Extruder Metal Direct Drive Extruder  Plastic Bowden Extruder
Support material  pla/tpu/abs/petg/wood/pc/pa/asa pla/abs/petg/wood
Auto Leveling  Yes, CR Touch preinstalled No
Hotbed Holder Upgrade, Solid, Stable Normal 
Mainboard Creality V4.2.2  32bit Silent Board Creality V4.4.2 bit Silent Mainboard
Build Plate PC Magnetic Flexible Plate PC Magnetic Flexible Plate(with steel)
Belt Tensioner Yes  No
Intelligent Filament Change Yes No
Knob Display Yes Yes
Resume printing Yes Yes
Z axis Single  Single 

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