1.Assemble the printer.

Please read the new sovol user guide or watch our assemble tutorial.
The new GUIDE link:
The video link:
The new Guide conclude includes the installation guide of filament sensor, z limit switch, the cables of display, the steps of updating firmware etc..... It will be easier to understand, more friendly for 3d printer beginners. Thanks Nrom for his revise.

2.The position of Z limit switch.

Please look the GUIDE on page 7.

Related video:

3.The position of filament sensor.

We usually install it on the top of gantry, like this picture shows.

 You can also install it on other place if it works.

4.The  filament sensor doesn't work?

If the blue lights of filament sensor is off even you put filament, this could be happened due to poor contact or the filament itself is broken. What you can do is dispatch it and adjust metal shim and keep testing until the blue lights is working.
You can watch this video:

5. How to put the filament through the filament sensor?

Please cut the filament at 45° and put it into the filament straightly.

You can check this video:

6. How to load the filament into the extruder?

Some people has the problem to load the filament, because the structure of the direct drive extruder is different from bowden 3d printer. Please make sure you press this exrtuder clip out when you load the filament and pre-heat the nozzle to 180°.

You can check this video:

If the filament can be put into the extruder but no extrusion, please check if the filament stucks in the extruder or something else  stucks in the or has clog issue, if you it has clog issue, please watch this video to clean the hot end and the nozzle.
Video link:

6. How to solve the leakage issue?

You should check where has the leakage, if it just happens between the nozzle and the heat sink, you just need to clean the nozzle( heat the nozzle to 200 °, and use the tool to clean it, then tighten the nozzle, or replace a new nozzle. If the leakage looks terrible. you can look that video about clog issue to disassemble the hot end parts and clean it, then assemble again, remember to tighten the nozzle and be careful, do not be burned in the process of removing the nozzle. You need to use tool like Pliers

7. Why your display is blank after turning on the printer?

When you received a new printer, and assembled,  you turn on the printer, but there is nothing, the display is blank. Please check if the cable for display were connected correctly, the printers made before Sep, they are not labled. 

If the these cables are connected correctly, but it still blank, please check if you switched the voltage that fit the normal voltage in your country. And use a grounded electrical outlet.


8. Cura setting

You can check our manul, actually you only need to adjust the printing size  and retracion. No need to adjust other setting, just keep original. If you are looking for cura setting profile for PLA, or  TPU  ect. , you can find them in our user group. Group link:

9. E step caculation

Our standard E step caculation is 415 on Marlin 2,0.0 firmware. 


10. Bl Touch Guide 

Please  check the picture below. If you still have question, you can check these videos.
In Marlin 2.0.0, it will allow you to store z offset. 

Some people said the screws are a little logner, it is no problem, you can install them normally and it will work, you can have a printing test. 


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