Comgrow T500 Large 3d Printer 7" Klipper Direct Drive Xyz Linear Rails 500*500*500mm


Print Size: 500mm*500mm*500mm | Print Speed up to 500mm/s max speed 8000mm/s² | Real linear rails on all axes and more stable

Ship from: US (to US only)
Option: Only T500
Ship from: US (to US only)
Option: Only T500
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 ● 1-year Warranty & 14-day Return for 3D Printer 
1 Month Warranty for accessories

Every printer comes with the warranty of 12 months, and we offer 14-day exchange/refund/return guarantee.
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Comgrow T500

Large 3D Printing 500*500*500mm Build Volume

Unleash your imagination with an extensive printing area of 500*500*500mm, enabling you to bring grand-scale projects to life with exceptional finesse.

Bring Out The Speed

Max Speed up to 500mm/s - Direct drive extruder with 6.5:1 gear ratio realized high flow up to 25mm³/s to achieve the best print quality at 200mm/s printing speed. If you need faster, 8000mm/s² acceleration would help to speed up to 500mm/s at maximum, saving 73% of the time compared with other printers.

Real Linear Rails on All Axes

The linear guides reduce friction and play, resulting in smoother movements of the print head.

All-Metal Hotend With Hardened Tool Steel Nozzle

Elevate your prints with our 300°C All-Metal Hotend & Nozzle. The hardened tool steel nozzle enhances wear resistance, enabling the printing of mixed carbon fiber or more abrasive and exotic filaments.

Comgrow T500 3D Printer

Larger Build Volume500*500*500mm

Comgrow T500 3D printer can print 19.68*19.68*19.68in large-size models, enabling you to bring grand-scale projects to life with exceptional finesse. Also, you can reach the batch production on the large printing area at one time, saving you time waiting for the models.

Full Metal Aluminum Alloy Frame

The all-metal structure ensures more stable during the printing. Elevate your printing endeavors and indulge in a seamless, immersive printing experience.

Linear Rails On XYZ Axis ForEnhanced Stability

The linear guides reduce friction and play, resulting in smoother movements of the print head. This translates to improved layer alignment, reduced layer shifting, and overall superior print quality. This industrial-grade design greatly guarantees its durability.

Comgrow T500 3D Printer

Klipper Firmware Installed

Built-in Klipper saves you from redundant configuration and additional hardware requirements. Cut the hassle, just the fun. The Comgrow T500 can be controlled by WiFi transmission for seamless operation remotely.

Operate Klipper On a 7" TouchScreen

1024*600 resolution offers high definition and rich colors. The hotend equips with LED lights for monitoring prints even in low-light conditions.Native klipper UI screen provides you with a better printing experience

Comgrow T500 3D Printer

All-Metal Hotend With HardenedTool Steel Nozzle

All-metal hotend equips hardened tool steel nozzle, which enhances wear-resistance, enabling printing of mixed carbon fiber or more abrasive and exotic filaments. The hotend can be heated to 300℃, which enables the printer can be compatible with more kinds of filaments, including TPU, PETG-CF, PLA, PETG, Carbon Fiber, and Wood.

The T500 incorporates a high-precision stepper motor system and a smooth extrusion mechanism with a gear ratio of 6:5:1, ensuring precise material flow and excellent control.

The hotend is equipped with LED lights for monitoring prints even in low-light conditions.

Empowering you with a 49-point auto-leveling function, bid farewell to manual leveling woes. Achieve impeccable 49-point leveling precision for flawless first-layer printing.

95% Pre-assembly helps customers to get the complete printer soon once receive the printer.

The Comgrow T500 3D printer is a friendly printer for all of customers during assembly. It decreased lots of assembly trouble for customers even beginners. You can save more time in the assembly process, in just 15 minutes, you can start enjoying the fun of 3D printing.