Sovol SV06 Plus 250mm/s Fully Open Source 3D Printer with Linear Rail Structure

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● Print Size: 300mm*300mm*340mm

● Print Speed Up to 250mm/s

● 4.3 Inch Touchscreen

Ship from: US
Option: SV06 Plus+1kg Blue PLA Filament
Ship from: US
Option: SV06 Plus+1kg Blue PLA Filament
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Sovol SV06 Plus

All Metal Planetary Dual Gear Direct Drive Extruder

Sovol self-developed All Metal Direct Drive Extruder with a planetary gear set, provides the printer with a higher driver ratio and a higher motor, helping to achieve more accurate extrusion.

300℃ High Temp All Metal High Flow Hotend

The melting zone is increased by 10mm than SV06, which enables you to print at 150mm/s speed and various materials.

Fully Open Source

√Step file
√Stl file
√Firmware source code

Classic I3 Structure

Different from most 3D printers run by wheels in the market, SV06 Plus has a classic I3 structure that avoids the wear and tear of wheels and multiple replacements.

Sovol SV06 Plus, Fully Open Source 3D Printer, Sovol 3D Printer

All Metal Planetary Dual Gear Direct Drive Extruder

Sovol Self-developed All Metal Direct Drive Extruder with planetary dual gear set, provides SV06 plus with a higher drive ratio and a lighter motor, helping to achieve more accurate extrusion. Add a large external knob for easy feeding.

Sovol SV06 Plus, Fully Open Source 3D Printer, Sovol 3D Printer

300℃ High Temp All Metal High Flow Hotend

All metal Hotend Setup makes it possible to print up to 300℃. No need to deal with PTFE replacement anymore, and even no need to flash the firmware, you can print with different materials better and more easily. ( Enclosure is still needed if you want to print over 260℃.)
All Metal Hotend with a larger melt zone also enables you to print faster. High Flow up to 20mm³/s to achieve 150mm/s printing speed that greatly reduces the probability of clogging.

Sovol SV06 Plus, Fully Open Source 3D Printer, Sovol 3D Printer

Larger Build Volume:300*300*340mm

300x300x340mm printing size makes SV06 Plus unique among I3 structure 3D printers. Modular design allows you to assemble SV06 Plus within 5 steps easily, more applicable for household use.

Sovol SV06 Plus, Fully Open Source 3D Printer, Sovol 3D Printer

Resume Printing

The resume printing function can make the printer continue printing perfectly after a power outage.

Sovol SV06 Plus, Fully Open Source 3D Printer, Sovol 3D Printer

25-point Auto Leveling

With an inductive sensor, SV06 Plus detects the metal print bed through 25 points automatically and compensates for the unevenness of the heated bed. The fast, smart, precise detection and compensation help you to get the bed leveled perfectly and get a fantastic first layer. Note: Set the height of the initial layer to 0.3mm when you slice that would help you to print a better initial layer and make the filament stick to the plate better.

Sovol SV06 Plus, Fully Open Source 3D Printer, Sovol 3D Printer

PEI Build Plate

The flexible PEI-coated build plate with mesh surface design makes the prints can be removed easily without any tools.

Sovol SV06 Plus, Fully Open Source 3D Printer, Sovol 3D Printer

Dual Z-axis

Dual Z-axis screws and stepper motors improve the accuracy and precision of the nozzle's vertical movement with a specified Z-axis accuracy of 0.001mm

32-Bit Silent Mainboard

Sovol Self-developed 32-bit Mainboard with TMC 2209, makes the printer work stably and silently. For safety thermal runaway protection is instant & automatic if a thermal error occurs. UART mode is available, more modifications can be done easily for advanced users. (Not recommended for beginners to modify.)